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This is Sunset Marauder. A web comic set in a world similar to though notably different than our own. One big difference is everyone’s furry, but the other is more subtle. The events of the last century played out differently, and what we have is an incompetent and corrupt police state. This is not meant as any sort of commentary on real world politics, if anything this serves as an example of how bad things could have been compared to what we have. It will come into play more later in the story.

To explain it in more detail, imagine the levels of corruption throughout the 50s through the 70s only ever got worse, not better, with a federal government with more consolidated power than in the real US. The police system is all under a single organization rather than being separately managed by each state/county/city, though in practice this doesn’t lead to too many changes as the system is even more broken and incompetent than it is in the real world. This world’s equivalent of ‘internal affairs’ is as corrupt and in league with the rest of the force.

This story is about a getaway driver and her best friend, and what happens when they and those close to them are thrown from the shallow waters into the deep end of a life of crime.

Here’s a handy map to help keep track of where things are happening, hopefully this can ease some confusion.

It’s an parallel world to ours, but there’s some differences. This map can help outline some of those differences. Red cities are state capitols. And no, The capital isn’t missing. It’s just not where DC would be in this world, it was relocated further inland, not pictured here. Unlike our world, typically the biggest city IS the state capitol, aside from a handful of states.

Delaney, Luka, Reith, Ron, Nate, and Dylan are from Jarlsburg. The robbery occurred in Baltaine, and Pennsburgh is where Sam & co operate.

final map of United North America.png