Terms of Service for Commissions

Updated/Created November 7th, 2018.

These terms will retroactively cover past commissions as well as cover any future commissions, as will any updates made to these terms.

Client Prerequisites

To commission any mature or adult artwork from me, you must be at least 18 years of age. To commission general artwork, you must be at least 13, and with consent from an adult. I will not be held responsible for deception beyond any reasonable doubt with regards to this.

Content Restrictions

There’s a lot I will draw but also a fair amount I won’t. I reserve the right to deny any commission. Here are general guidelines for what I will and will not do, and stipulations of the creation, posting, and credit given.

And yes, for all commissions, the client reserves the right to post where they want so long as it is not used commercially, as long as I am credited. If you would like to commission for commercial usage, we will negotiate that separately.

I WILL NOT draw:

  • Gore/Excessively violent subjects. Violent content in general is fine, only very over the top subjects are restricted.

  • Rape/heavily suggestive lack of consent/forced hypnosis

  • Extreme BDSM, some is ok, but those stipulations will be addressed further on

  • Characters below the age of consent. I am open to negotiation ONLY for general audience images, absolutely no mature or adult images, but even for general, I reserve the right to deny any if i do not feel comfortable with the subject

  • Scat

  • Art irrelevant to my skill set.


  • Vore. Soft Vore only, will be posted to the furaffinity page of LukaDraws, and not MacheteTigre, and when credited should be credited to LukaDraws, not MacheteTigre

  • BDSM. Within reason, will be posted to the furaffinity page of LukaDraws, and not MacheteTigre, and when credited should be credited to LukaDraws, not MacheteTigre

  • Watersports, will be posted to the furaffinity page of LukaDraws, and not MacheteTigre, and when credited should be credited to LukaDraws, not MacheteTigre

  • Atypical/hybrids/mythical/copywritten species/characters. To my discretion, and may some be posted to LukaDraws instead of MacheteTigre (Especially copywritten characters, taurs, etc). Not always though.

  • Scalies, Avians, Aquatics, Rodents, Insects, etc. If i believe your character is beyond my skillset I reserve the right to deny it, however I don’t imagine that will be the case save for the most extreme of scenarios. We’ll negotiate it out. Some might end up on LukaDraws.

  • Macro/Micro, Extreme size difference, extreme penetration. This also will be posted to the furaffinity page of LukaDraws, and not MacheteTigre, and when credited should be credited to LukaDraws, not MacheteTigre

  • Paws. I am a paw fan, however some styles and specific subjects I reserve the right to deny outright. This will vary.

  • Impregnation. Will go on LukaDraws, etc.

  • Females in general. I have much more practice with the male form, so i cannot assure the same level of quality with a female subject, but I will try, and hopefully as my comic progresses and I have more practice from drawing Delaney and Laura, as well as other female characters by commission my confidence shall improve. I just wanted to mention this ahead of time.


(Assuming no other stipulating factors are involved)
This is my prime skillsets, what I have the most practice in and hope to deliver at a higher quality.

  • Male characters

  • Felines

  • Mustelids

  • Canines

  • Cars

  • 4 toed plantigrade mammalian paws

My Characters

In terms of my characters used in commissions, Luka may be requested in nearly any scenario, and that’s pretty much it. Anyone else is up for negotiation, but especially in the context of an adult image may be denied. Additional exceptions may be made in the future.

You may request an adult commission featuring Luka with your character(s). In most circumstances I will accept. You don’t have to feel awkward asking about that, it is welcome.

Commission Requirements

In order to commission me, you need to:

  1. Have a reference sheet, OR, three sufficient reference images, and either direct examples or the RGB codes for the colors you want.

  2. Have the money to pay for the commission you want. Don’t commission me with the intention of waiting until you have the money later to pay me and receive the product.

  3. Know what you want, in terms of commission type. Is it lineart, flat color, cel shaded? etc. Additional characters and vehicles? Background? all of these affect the price and will be the first things negotiated.

  4. Know what you want, specifically. Artistic freedom might sound liberating, but its actually only frustrating. The more details you have the better, within reason. If you really want me to have that freedom, tell me my limits, and don’t expect any revisions.

  5. Own or have permission to use any characters you wish for me to draw. Or they can be mine, but then additional stipulations apply.

Time-frame and Payment

I do not accept deadlines. You will get your commission, but it will be under my own personal time-frame which I am not obligated to publicize.

In terms of payment, for smaller commissions up to 50 dollars, I accept payment upon completion, in exchange for the final product. You will receive WIPs still at my discretion.

For commissions greater than $50 but less than $100 I require at least 25$ payment upfront

For commissions greater than $100, i require at least 50$ payment upfront.

The client may pay me the full value of the commission only after I confirm that I shall complete the commission. By both approaching me for a commission and paying, you agree to this ToS, and to my right to issue refunds only upon my own discretion.

Additional Charges

I may increase the price for commissions of excessive complexity, for excessive revision requests, or for excessive disagreeableness.