INTP, Male, 22, Computer Scientist, Logistician, hacker, and Computer engineer.

Dylan isn’t really cutout for this line of work, but finds himself helplessly pulled along with it all without much resistance. He’s technologically savvy, which alone isn’t really enough to justify his involvement since Reith is too, but Reith tries to keep out of that kind of direct work. Besides, Dylan’s great at coming up with plans, systems, programs, gadgets that do the job reliably, but Reith inevitably takes the time to cleanup and streamline Dylan’s work


ESTJ, Male, 24, Conman, Safe cracker

Not your friend, Nate’s out for his own good no matter how friendly he might come off. He’s not necessarily evil, and he never really meant to kill anyone, but he’d never take responsibility for his actions especially if it meant things going poorly for him. This isn’t to reflect poorly on all coyotes of course, regardless of the stereotype, Nate’s problems are his own. He’s a smooth talker, and a decent enough shot to get away with most anything he might need to.


ISFJ, Female, 27, Muscle, Thief

One among several characters who’s background is a mystery to her associates, what people do know is that she is very much a doer. She doesn’t hesitate, especially when it comes to defending her crew. She’s present though quiet wherever she is, waiting for the moment she needs to do her job and staying out of the way otherwise. If it wasn’t for the shock of her orange air and eyes she’d easily slip into the background, monitoring. She’s smarter than she lets on too, and is someone you really ought not underestimate. Put on the spot she’ll come up with a workable plan in an instant.


ESTP, Male, 25, Detective

Cocky, self important, stuck up and vain, Riley is.. unpleasant to deal with, though he considers himself a smooth talker. And initially he might come off as likable but that won’t last. He does his job though, and surprisingly he takes it seriously, but he’s relatively unphased at the idea of taking liberties with the law to get what he wants. Remarkably, he’s somehow one of the few people in the force who isn’t completely corrupt, but that’s not actually saying very much about his character more than it is of most other cops.


ISTP, Male, 54, Detective

Burke only really cares about getting shit done right these days. He’s jaded towards the system he is in, but he trusts it because anything else has proven to be worse. The justice system as it is is all this country has to try and make things right, and if more men were like Burke and dedicated to their jobs as cops maybe things wouldn’t be so bad. He generally can’t tolerate most other cops and their behavior, at least Riley seems at least somewhat interested in real police work. Jaded as he may be, he wouldn’t expect to have the police force ever turn on him.