Open for Commissions

I don’t just draw comics, by the way, I am a furry commission artist. If you like my art style, and want to commission me, feel free!

My email is

I’m also on FurAffinity, Facebook, DeviantArt, Furry Network and Twitter

You can also reach out to me on Telegram or Discord, just let me know who you are when you message me

Telegram, Discord (I have two discord accounts, so this is a room with both)

Here’s some examples of my work


I make a variety of different stuff

So whatever interests you hit me up and we can talk prices. I’ll be coming out with a price sheet soon, and will also have various promotional sales running on my furaffinity page at any given time. I’ve begun to try my hand at animations, but I’m a long ways away from being any good at them. I do NSFW commissions as well.

war hero.png